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There will always be some time, I will suddenly remember that this is the sixth grade, and there are less than two months, it is necessary to separate from the classmates and teachers who are getting along with each other. I don��t know what my future is, but now, I hope Time has passed slowly... This semester, how touched my heart... I used to leave, but I didn��t care at the time Cigarettes Cheaper, there are more friends and classmates in the future. But now, I don��t know why, whenever someone mentions it, it��s going to start early, and learning is starting to get nervous. I didn��t study hard, but it added my troubles. The anti-speech turned into steam, and it flew to my eyes. In the future, after some hot stimuli, I couldn��t help but start the "rain"... Some students, I really't want to leave, I don't want to leave this school. I don't know why I remember so. It's different. It's maybe I grew up. When I asked my classmates' favorite festivals, they changed from the children's day of love to other festivals. When someone said that they liked children's day, the echo they got was "naive and naive"..... Can we not have children's day again today? Can't you be naive again? Time flies so fast, in a blink of an eye, it seems that I just entered the campus yesterday and will leave the campus tomorrow...s separate, but I��m afraid I will miss the present... I pretend to be very happy every day, I don't know if I pretend, I want to leave a good memory. I am very annoyed, and I am as annoyed as I am at a certain moment. In fact, I understand that I will be the same as before, not to transfer to another school, to go to another school, to know more friends and classmates, memories, and slowly become memories until they disappeaon't cry for the injury, but I will cry because I am afraid of "injury"...'t have the courage to interpret myself. I thought that the swing could smash my troubles and forgotten for a while, but the swing brought me not to forget, but to expect in a certain sense... I should be happy because I already Got the answer I want. I am afraid of losing Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, losing and possessing. I want to have what I want to have. Compared to some of the latter, these memories, memories, and the diary of elementary school life are still there. I am very satisfied Marlboro Red 100S...ave changed a lot and I don't know why. Sometimes I want to cry a lot, I don't know why, I want to go to another world now, I don't know why. The students are working hard, and I am still angry and fanciful here.... My heart hurts, I don't want to leave school, the rain is gradually coming out of the window Marlboro Cigarettes, the taste.... Rain , what about the next big one? I am willing to hug you~ If the rain can elute my troubles, then please come up with a storm!yone prays for fairness, but I hope that all this is unfair, unfair, unfair, let time stop, let me spend more time with my teachers and classmates... I know that my only task now is to study hard and go up every day. However, after I "successfully", will it be the same as now, with teachers, friends, and classmates?ampus is full of memories, with the ups and downs of my teachers, classmates, friends, joys and sorrows. I don't want to leave this campus full of memories, I don't want to leave my alma mater, I don't want to leave my classmates and teachers... please don't leave! Time Marlboro Gold Pack, please stop and enjoy the beautiful memories and memories. Please stop and rest for a rest!

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By ylq
Added Jul 10


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