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Wenger will leave Arsenal at the end of FIFA Coins the season, and Henry, his most proud student at the Emirates Stadium, also talked about his mentor Wenger. He stated that Wenger's legacy is unattainable.

The 68-year-old Wenger coach club won 3 Premier League trophies and 7 FA Cup winners in 22 years. In 1999, he helped the team sign Henry from Juventus, a top French shooter. Helped the gunner score 228 goals, won three Premiership titles and four Premier League Golden Boot trophies.

Henry said: "Recently, people have always confused the team's current performance with Wenger's many years of contributions. And once you declare that you really want to leave, people will begin to comment on your legacy. Wenger's The heritage, in my opinion, is (other people) difficult to reach.

"I'm very happy. I can now talk about this inheritance issue with you. Yes, let's not forget that the team still needs to win the UEFA Cup. We can't get lost in the direction. I think if I could use the UEFA Cup It is definitely a remarkable achievement that the championship way to send Wenger.

"I'm very happy. We can talk about Wenger's legacy. It's a bit complicated: For me, it was a sad day. I saw such a great person leaving the club and I was I am very happy that people will give Wenger his due applause.

"I think it's been really tough for Wenger this time. It's the same for the club. We can't forget the situation like this. I hope that from Sunday's game, people will go to the stadium to watch and not only It is only looking at the last few matches that Wenger coached, but rather giving him a good ceremony."

Henry also confided that Wenger felt himself a very good football player. He thought that Wenger's ability to manage the club gave him a lot of help.

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