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If you happen to be aching to gank a competitor in MU Legend Items , you have your chance in the future when PvP content officially arrives. On December 5th, PvP features will unlock that permit players to participate in cross-server 3v3 battles. Players can challenge one other within their region.

Dennis Czybulka, COO at Webzen Dublin, comments: "As avid players from the game ourselves, we share the joy of our fans about the arrival with the first group of PVP features to MU Legend. We're getting excited about seeing our players with Cheap MU Legend Items all the new features last but not least putting their skills and gear towards the test in PVP battle!"
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Webzen will probably be updating MU Legend Items on March 20th which will come complete with the modern Spellbinder class. In addition, a fresh dungeon are going to be added to challenge high-end players. New Daily Missions for that Room of Duty are incoming with other people providing Dukan's Proofs to allow for players to accomplish any two teams of armor. These armor sets is found at the daily-mission vendor.

Other pieces of the March 20th update: an elevated achievement grade that rewards "Traces of Destruction, Hero Tokens, Trophies and Magic Gems", new crafting recipes, crafting inventory tab ,Faction War Season Mission system to facilitate GvG gameplay, new events to earn "free items and useful rewards".

In addition, Webzen has announced how the "official release is determined to happen later this year". While an OBT is frequently considered the official release, today is more of your stepping stone within the life of your game. With the Spellbinder expansion and numerous other important updates available for 2018 (including new continents, new dungeons, a whole new level cap and gear),  Buy MU Legend Items is well on target to hit its development goals from the run-up towards the official release.
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There appears to be a load of MU Legend Items content, though I’ve only were able to climb to level 7/6 thus far (Level/Soul Level). The game’s experiencing a huge amount of server lag, and it also’s frankly been unplayable in to the evening, so I was required to cut my session short a lttle bit earlier than anticipated. That said, I did are able to stumble in to the Interdimensional Rift – essentially a completely randomized dungeon that you could enter solo or perhaps in a group plus the content within is scaled for your level. You can try it on higher difficulty levels to obtain better loot and XP plus it looks like it is now possible up to ten times a day. Think of this as MU Legend’s “instant adventure” for individuals who don’t would like to play the main story as long as they log in.

The game’s combat is on point, but a bit easy thus far. I think I only were required to heal myself a couple of times. I assume, like every ARPG, that this difficulty will spike since you play more. I also believe it is nice you will get a battle pet for testing ahead of time (mine can be an adorable chibi headed skeleton). It’d be nice when we got mounts too, but unlike Ember I haven’t found visit be too laborious in MU. There is no WASD control method though, as all movement is handled through mouse, and skills are deployed with Cheap MU Items and also the numbers are available potions as well as the like.
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Webzen has sent word the Spellbinder class has officially entered the fray in MU Legend Items . The Spellbinder would be the game's fifth class and players with new solutions to experience the game. She is skilled at both PvE and PvP with wide-area CC and "devastating direct hits to enemies".

In addition, players will see a new dungeon called Lupa's Ancient Archive. "The dungeon accompanies an upgrade from the existing Epic dungeons, which introduces 5 new difficulty levels. Additional achievements, in conjunction with new Set and Mythic items, also await players. Furthermore, the production comes with the opening of the new Faction War season."

Players who join today and from the 17th of April should be able to take part in many in-game events including The Chakram Event along with Buy MU Legend Items the Easter Hunt Dungeon.
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