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Gordon, Ariza and Tucker were NBA Live Coins completely lost on the offensive end of the previous game. The Rockets' 10-point three-pointers were also very abnormal. The team once got into trouble and the light bulb needed more people to stand up and provide energy. . On April 19, 2018, Beijing time, the Rockets beat the Timberwolves 102-82 at home. Gordon scored 9 points, Ariza scored 15 points, Tucker scored 6 points, and the real surprise was Green. He took 21 points. 12 rebounds created a career high in the playoffs.

In the difficult triumph of the first three-pointer, De Shuai said in an interview that he would still insist on three points. However, after the start of the second game, the Rockets' three-pointer was still inaccurate, and the three-pointer was the lifeline of the Rockets. After the first downturn, the Rockets still couldn't find a rhythm in the second game. Thibodeau's defensive strategy on the perimeter is correct. Butler, who can defend the whole game only on the second level, Teague's harassment on the rocket's perimeter, and Vikings's rapid rotation of athletic talent, make the Timberwolves Outside rarely loses position.

The Rockets did not hit the first three points until five minutes later. Arizatak and Gordon all missed the first three games before making a total of two three-pointers. However, Gordon's feel was still not good in this game. He even missed three consecutive three-pointers, and Green did not make a three-pointer. Several important pitchers lost in the previous game were in the game. Still in the doldrums. However, bottoming out, after the second quarter, Green and Gordon finally opened.

The two men hit three points and Ariza also scored three points later. The three-pointer consecutive firing gave the Rockets a great deal of support and helped the Rockets overtake the score in the second quarter. Green, as the "aphrodisiac" and stimulant of the Rockets regular season, no matter what the scene will not make him nervous, the use of Green has become the key in the chaos. In the second quarter Green scored three consecutive points, four three points. The Rockets completely helped the Rockets open the score. Green even won 7 rebounds. The continuous conversion, protection and promotion of the fast attack played a climax. It was not so much that Paul took rhythm in the second quarter. Let the Rockets come back to life in the second quarter.

The three-point play of the Rockets in the half game was due to Green's play. After the third quarter, Gordon's feel was still cold, and Joe did not play any singles. Tucker had several performances in the game, but on both sides. At the deadlock, Green threw a three-pointer to break the deadlock. At the last minute of the third quarter, Green and Paul were picking up and picking. Green scored a layup and made a breakthrough. The Rockets still controlled the lead by 20 points. Green, in the regular season, was a rotation star who was beaten by three players. At that time, Desai was still relatively fond of his love and singles Joe, but in the playoffs, Green's efforts proved that success was not accidental. , Green can be said to be the key to the Rockets' victory in this field. In the second quarter's node, the Rockets beat the Timberwolves.

And this game Gordon still needs to get back the status of the Super Six is not open in the back of the game is still a hidden danger, after all Gordon rush and three points has always been the best bulb, and Ariza and Tucker's The return of the Rockets has also brought the Rockets back on track. In the end, the Rockets saved the two Timberwolves against the Timberwolves, leading the series to a 2-0 lead.

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