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Great to talk with Tera Items all, again!  How have things been going since releasing the newest Reaper class? How have  people responded?Patrick Sun: Hello again!  Things are already going great!  Our players have eagerly adopted  the reaper and we’ve seen many players even switch their main class into it.  Everyone is basically enjoying the  new mechanics it brings, in terms of solo play as well as in groups.

Patrick Sun: Long before the Age of Mortals, the gods sundered the continents and came up with Great Rift  within the particular groups of the sleeping titans, Arun and Shara. The arrival of mortals will not be kind towards the  titans. Centuries of war and dangerous noctenium have both weakened the titans. Now, explorers in Tera Gold are simply just discovering how bad the destruction is.
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Starting Thursday, May 24 after maintenance, and continuing until maintenance on Tuesday, May 29, opening strongboxes on Tera Items for Playstation®4 or Xbox One may net you one among six incredible item jackpots!  Tier 11 Feedstock ×1000 (used in enchanting Ambush gear)  Premium Alkahest ×1000 (for enchanting using a higher probability of success)  Spellbind × 1000 (for resetting and securing item abilities)  Blacksmith’s Additive × 5 (doubles critical success chance)  Smart Dyad Niveot Structure (familiar with combine high-level crystals)  Noble Friendship unicorn mount (restores HP and MP!)

In addition on their already impressive contents, opening any of these strongboxes that has a Strongbox Key could trigger considered one of these jackpots.  Locked Strongbox   Locked Krysteel Strongbox  Locked Linsteel Strongbox  Locked Norsteel Strongbox  Locked Shadsteel Strongbox  Locked Extensive Strongbox  Locked Spellbound StrongboxIf you’re running tight on Strongbox Keys, it is possible to pick up more inside Tera Gold in convenient stacks of 5, 10, 20, or 50 keys!
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